The glass:

Both our glass and our glass’ seal (3 different functional layers) are made out of damp proof materials. Inside the glass there is NO oxidation/development of the pre-filled wines and juices. Additionally, we work with an oxygen scavenger, which absorbs any residual oxygen in the glass and results in a life cycle (9 months for our wines and waters and 3 months for juices).

Sleeve (optional) for Marketing & Communication:

There are many possibilities to use both our glass ‘seal and the optional paper sleeve covering the glass for marketing and/or advertising use.

We’re eager to work with you on the design of your seals and sleeves, i.e. on special themes and extraordinary occasions. Both sides can be printed in 6 colors. Of course, at all times your company holds the final approval authority over your seal and sleeve artwork. Our SFG paper sleeves are 100% recyclable.


Our glass can be filled with 187ml wine or 200ml juice. Compared to a plastic bottle, our glass is 17 grams lighter. Additionally, there is no need for a glass. We did also make a 100ml glass specially for the menu-trays.

Therefore you will save in total 20 grams of weight per consumption.

NEW; 100ml. glasses for wines and juices.


The materials we are using are 100% recyclable. There is no need to separate waste, as only the glass is used.

The waste volume is limited by 80 % thanks to the fact that our used glasses are stackable. Apart from that, our concept eliminates the need of an extra glass.

Gratis gokkasten en fruitautomaten online spelen of waag een gokje voor echt geld en win echte geldbedragen op de beste en leukste gokkasten.